I have of course thought about what caused the severe dizziness that forced me to interrupt my attempt to cope with HBB. The feeling is still that it was all reminiscent of "Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo" (BPPV) something I have suffered from before and was sick for just over a week, then according to tips it could be some nasty virus that settled on the balance, or that I did not manage to get in me enough nutrition as I am quite bad at eating the amounts required, maybe it can trigger any of the above theories. I drank water and fluid replacement in quantities (about 4-5 liters / day) The dizziness was so strong that I could not walk straight ahead on flat ground without stumbling and taking slips, the day I broke I was forced to crawl out of my kayak up on land when I could barely stand upright.

But this is not something I regret that I tried to implement, as the planning and preparations have been instructive and fun and I still had 2 fantastic weeks on the west coast.

My choice of equipment worked great the whole trip except for the GoPro remotecontrol and especially my Samsung phone which suddenly started to refuse to charge plus it discharged quickly (the phone got very hot and could drain 40-50% of the battery in 3-4 minutes) , something I fixed somewhat by cleaning the USB port.
However, at the next attempt I will have an extra phone with me so that this does not happen again. The phone still feels a bit like an important thing with access to weather forecasts, contact with the wife and the opportunity to call for help. I noticed that the awkward phone stressed me very much especially when you promise that I will always hear from me when I am on land

Otherwise, if I were to redo a similar trip, I would rather have taken less things with me on the trip than that I was missing something.

I am very happy that I handled all types of weather and that I still passed some tough passages and hard weather on the road despite my dizziness. The navigation worked basically flawlessly all the way without having to turn on my GPS more than 2-3 times, and perhaps the biggest benefit of all with this attempt to implement HBB is that the "pre-training" has made my previous back and shoulder-pain is almost completely gone.

Will there be another attempt in the future? - not impossible, or rather highly probable as the craving and desire for revenge is great 😊

Day 12 / 10 June - The End outside Varberg

Unfortunately I have to announce that I have to interrupt my HBB journey, I have on several occasions suffered from dizziness and nausea, probably because I eat too little or some kind of virus / bacterium that affects the balance, feels like a ""Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo" (BPPV)". I have tried with rest-days but I waver and take slips even on land and then sitting in a kayak with long crossings in front of me such as Laholmsbukten with about 4 hours of paddling on the open sea without land-contact feels stupid and directly dangerous, which feels boring then the rest of the body has worked great, but I have still enjoyed the ride and have had a fantastic trip and have absolutely no regrets that I tried anyway, and I have learned a lot on this trip.

The decision was made when I crossed the Kungsbackafjord yesterday morning, a crossing of maybe 5-6 km on open water where I had big problems with dizziness and weakness, after landing on a beach the other side of the fjord, and basically crawled out of the kayak, so I realize that health comes before anything else. I thank all of you for your support with encouraging comments, now I'm going home and resting up and spending time with the family. 😊😊👍

If you are considering paddling HBB, do so because it is a wonderful challenge but one that should be treated with the utmost respect.

Now I'm going home and follow those who are currently still out on their journey around the coast, come on guys!

The journey's last song title will be The Doors with "The end"

Day 11 / 9 June / Björkholmen - Öckerö

Skärholmen- Öckerö

Distance 25 km Tot 278 km

Lat 57 ° 22.361 'Long 11 ° 56.373`

Wind NW turning to W 5-12 m/s

Teach me new things every day, this morning at 05.00 the kayak was packed and ready for departure. The only problem was that the water level was significantly lower now than yesterday, backing out the kayak between the rocks did not feel good considering the risk of a smashed rudder, then I had the choice between unpacking the kayak, turning it 180 degrees or pulling it up by approx. + 100kg packing kayak on slippery rocks, carry it up 10m on land and turn around 550cm kayak, of course I tried the latter, the outdoor gym is now extended with "walking ground lift on a sloping cliff" - Haha - in your face Arne Tammer (Swedish bodybuilder legend).
The paddling went well south on a barren coast that felt difficult to land on the few islands that existed. Coming to Öckerö for lunch but then said the sense to take a break and camp, did not feel in shape to cross the Kungsbackafjord when you are slightly nauseous and dizzy, -security first.
Stayed instead of eating properly as I think that is what is missing. Seal meeting 7, 8 and 9 was nice and at least one seal followed a bit.

Realize that I am now in landscape no. 3 on the trip: Halland, and have left Skagerack in favor of the Kattegat.

I have not sailed on seven seas yet but 2 so we run today's song title: "Sailing on Seven seas" with Orchestral Manouvers in the dark

Day 10 / 8 June / Lyngnholmen - Björkholmen

Lyngnholmen - Björkholmen

Distance 32 km Tot 253 km

Lat 57 ° 33.440 'Long 11 ° 56.737`

Wind S turning to W 4-10 m/s

Arrived at a reasonable time and took me down to the crossing at the Port of Gothenburg. You feel small in a kayak with such large boats that pull past, luckily you are quite hardened as the home waters are around Kapellskär (another Swedish port with large ferry-traffic).
Everything went well and the journey was directed towards the harbor in Önnered, a nice little canal precedes the harbor. Purchase of food at a grocerystore and nice meeting with Escape Outdoors (Kayak-sales), unfortunately no purchases this time.
Took a lunch on a bench with an older couple who at first had a little "distance respect" for me due to the Corona-virus (or I just smelled bad ...), but when I explained that I have largely only hung out with seagulls and seals the last few days, the mood eased and I was declared quarantine-safe.
Then when I went back to the kayak the dizziness came back, not as bad as last time but I had to sit and recover for a couple of hours before I dared to sit in the kayak again, but now the energy was blown away, drove a while south towards an increasingly sparse archipelago, but i camped on a cliff. Disappointed with the distance as I had expected to have been at the Kungsbacka area today, but hopefully i feel better tomorrow.


Today's song will of course be Hardcore Superstar & LOK's version of "the city of Gothenburg" (enormously lavish video production)

Day 9 / 7 June / Lyngnholmen -

Lyngnholmen (Björkö)

Distance 0 km Tot 221km

Lat 57 ° 45.309 'Long 11 ° 41.820`

Wind W turning to S 10-19 m/s decreasing towards evening

Stuck on an island, what do you do then? I spent time talking to the sheeps on the island, enjoying my last beer, (which gets 5 Kenta out of 5) sitting on a cliff and watching boats fighting in the waves, the snack for this fantastic beer was dried salt meat (really tasty) A  workout in the natural gym was completely free, my imagination on exercises only gets better, -The Archipelago's Jane Fonda

Today's MacGyver:

I have had huge problems with the phone alerting about "moisture in usb" This means that the mobilephone refuses to accept charge, what to do with hopelessly far to the nearest electronics store? Managed to charge the mobilephone a few percent, but enough for a quick googling where in a forum it is advisable to clean the USB input with a piece of silk cloth soaked with alcohol which will then "rub clean" the contacts from dirt (moisture can possibly have penetrated)
Growing up with the TV series MacGyver, I cut a narrow wound-soaked "pad", planed a top from the medicine bag from the ship's pharmacy with my knife which I then pressed "in between" in the USB socket, it was quite dirty and jump, so it starts to charge the phone (until further notice ..) "Satisfied with myself" - phone repair kit no. 1 can be seen in the picture

Today's "Not so MacGyver"

I like strong chili, and to indulge in the yummy freeze-dried dishes even more, I packed down chili with a good strength of about 50,000 Scoville. But never season the food in winds 15 m/s  - the chili powder just blows around, mostly up in the eyes actually. If I am stopped by the maritime police tomorrow, there will be a drug test with the nice red eyes that glow like 2 port lanterns. Tomorrow we do Gothenburg, the kayak and I - Flumride with a kayak? hmmmm


Today's Band: Red Hot Chili Peppers with Californication

Day 8 / 6 June / Skaboholmen - Lyngnholmen

Skaboholmen- Lyngnholmen (Björkö)

Distance 43 km Tot 221 km

Lat 57 ° 45.309 'Long 11 ° 41.820`

Wind turning to W 12-18 m/s (class 1 warning)

Started early to start a race with the incoming storm that would turn west and start increasing in the middle of the day. Just paddle on with a short leg stretcher for water replenishment. Close contact with 3 seals that accompanied me a bit on the road was nice. Everything went well, but when the wind stops and turns 180 degrees, you know it's in a hurry. The last 1.5 hours of paddling was really tough with foam on the waves that came sailing over Norde Älvs fjord and I really had to take in everything I had to get forward and stay upright with waves that were up and turned on my right shoulder.
Completely exhausted, I got the tent up in a nice sheltered place just north of Gothenburg and when I climbed upon a mountain to get a little overview, - it was difficult to stand upright in the strong wind.
On Sunday I will be stucked by the hard wind, hoping for better weather next week, this place is nice to stay, but you want to move on. The phone continues to struggle with not receiving charge.
43km distance and be on land before 1 pm may be more than approved in the mess.

Today's song title: "Stormbringer" with Deep Purple

Day 7 / 5 June / Skaboholmen -



Distance 0km To 178km

Lat 58 ° 02.118` Long 11 ° 29.958`

Wind S-SV 8-15 m/s

This was the first "stucked by wind day" without paddling, feeling frustrated to lie on land for a whole day. Could have departed and paddle a couple of hours tonight but chooses an early start tomorrow and tries to find a good place before the next windy weather strikes, Weather forecast threatens with up to 18 m/s from southwest Saturday and Sunday.

A good thing to bring days of inspiration is a mini radio to lie and listen to (music / sea report if the Internet is down), have tested 2 models of cheap quality purchased at Teknikmagasinet and Clas Olsson, these were helpfully useful in a community but out on the tours completely useless. Bought instead a radio from Sony ICF-P26 which works really well.

Today I instead had the pleasure to congratulate my wife on her birthday so the Swedish flag was hoisted inside the tent in her honor, tomorrow is National Day so it is flagged 2 days in a row.

Today's song will be "Birthday" with Kate Perry

Day 6 / 4 June / Danholmen - Skaboholmen


Distance 13km Tot 178km

Lat 58 ° 02.118` Long 11 ° 29.958`

Wind SO-S 8-13 m/s

This was the night when I would get to sleep, but 00.30 I wake up from the thunder and strong wind increase, go out and pick up clothes and anchor the tent properly because now the wind and rain took off, is the tent potentially grounded against thunder?

When you had a leisure boat, you used to call boat owners who moored their boats badly so that they had to get up at night and fix with the anchor for "Underpants Sailor" I'm probably a underpants paddler then 🙂 I did not dare to go out, hence the small distance, the wind died down late in the afternoon and weather forecast promised a new strong wind increase with rain at 20-21 so I took the opportunity to lighten anchor during the wind break. Möllesund, which was passed, must have a plus for its jetty intended for kayaks, well signposted and all, otherwise it is tricky to get up on usually high jetties when you paddle past some cozy place.

Was then facing the choice to cross Kråke Fjord with heavy swell from the west with expected weather change with winds up to 13m / s which according to the forecast would come at any time, or stay on the other side, with very dark clouds approaching so suddenly Kråke fjord looks threatening and insidious out. - Oh no one remembers a coward so I take advantage of the paddle technique courses at Magnus Fischer and press my knees and feet together and step on with legs and torso rotation so I get good speed over the open fjord before the wind picks up, as a sign the setting sun disappears behind black clouds just as I enter the shelter of Skaboholmen. Nice that Rockpool developed a kayak that I can also paddle in a good way, 191cm - 116kg - 47 in shoes - stiff old man you do not break down into anything if you are going to paddle with the right technique, you then throw in a cushion under the butt to get up in the sitting position, I sit almost as well as in my surf ski.

Now bad weather is expected so a similar approach tomorrow is to be expected. The connection here is the right box.

Today's song considering the thunder tonight will be Thin Lizzy with "Thunder and Lightning" (that tour I was lucky enough to see)

Day 5 / 3 June / Lindholmen - Danholmen

Lindholmen / Fiskebäckskil - Danholmen

Distance 25 km Tot 165 km

Lat 58 ° 06.575` Long 11 ° 25.580`

Wind S-SW 5-10 m/s

Have felt better today but slept a little badly again. Took me through the narrow strait on the inside of Fiskebäckskil where the current was surprisingly strong, had to struggle to only keep 5 km/h and a sailboat that I met had shelter and hanging sails but came sailing at good speed. Took rest on the beautiful island of Danholmen where I figure out the progress when studying SMHI's "autumn-weather" with torrential rain and strong winds. I was satisfied with a short distance today as I want to get my body to function normally again so we can increase later.

Does any naturalist know if there is a cuckoo on every island in Bohuslän or is it the same terrorist who is persecuting me? And is it called that the cuckoo "ko-koar" or "cuckoo it"? Many questions in the air

Today's song considering the sluggish upstream paddling that reminded me of paddling on a river: Styx "boat on the river"

Day 4 / 2 June / Dannemark - Lindholmen

Dannemark - Lindholmen / Fiskebäckskil

Distance 54 km Tot 140 km

Lat 58 ° 15.841` Long 11 ° 29.178`

Wind SW 5-11 m/s

Woke up in the middle of the night from a lot of approaching sheep who gathered curiously at the tent, did not know that free-ranging sheep were going on in Dannemark 🙂

The passage at Valön went well and I then came down to the Sote canal where I had to fight with a decent counter-current. When I approached Kungshamn, the nausea and dizziness came back, I decided to go to the harbor but the walk to Coop at about 800m went swaying, I felt quite dizzy, after buying ice cream I aimed for a pizza with beer, it usually cures most things but not even it tasted good and then there is something wrong.
I sat in the shade for a while and drank a coke and took it easy and met a nice retired doctor who gave the go-ahead to continue the journey. At Malmö Fjord, an exciting swell rolled in from starboard that required some focus, later when I passed Lysekil I was surprised by waves came from all directions but everything resolved. The day started with early morning and (sheep) disturbed night sleep so despite a longer break in Kungshamn I am happy with the day's distance of 54 km. The night camp, on the other hand, was crap ....


Today's song after passing some nice old fishing communities (most of them turned into holiday home areas) may be The Waterboys with "Fisherman's Blues"

Day 3 / 1 June / Käften - Dannemark (not Denmark)

Käften- Dannemark (no - it´s NOT Denmark) 😉

Distance about 24 km Tot 86 km

Lat 58 ° 30.810` Long 11 ° 15.633`

Wind NE 5-10 m/s

Forgot 2 events from yesterday:

1. Just when I sit and look out over Tjurepannan, my mobile rings and Kenta's "Right today I'm strong" sounds like a mobile signal, I took that as a sign that nothing can go wrong

2. Discover that my kayak is almost filled with water in the cockpit at Saltö, full panic towards land, thoughts of leaking hull pass through my head, but after emptying the cockpit, I suspect that some strap had come between the spraydeck and the rim and with stern waves that constantly washed over my deep kayak, it flowed in properly with water that could have ended badly.

Today it has been tough, I have struggled with nausea but that released a bit in the afternoon. Nice paddling where I managed to fill a water bag despite warnings about a angry camping owner, became a ninja and slipped past the owner with a filled water bag. The heat made the pants from Reed Chillcheater go on and the Christmas gift sweater (pictured) from the nice bonus children was put on, the dry suit was unpacked as it made me sweat rivers

Now located on the beautiful island of Dannemark and will try to get away reasonably tomorrow morning if the body allows it.

Day 2 / 31 May / Karlholmen - Käften

Karholmen - Käften

Distance 33,36 km Tot 61,95 km

Lat 58°41.921` Long 11°14.144'

Wind NE 5-9 m/s 

Started the day by trying to find a shop open on Sundays that sells mobile phones, this when mine suddenly got hot and drained the battery in a short time, this has happened before on a couple of occasions but after a bit of work I got the phone started, hope it lasts itself (not quite easy to find an electronics store near the beach either). Now it's not the only electronics that are a problem, even the GoPro camera is tangled with the connection to my remote control. Typically, on a trip like this where you live spartanly, it is modern electronics that fail.

After yesterday's effort to get through the stream of motorboats in / out to Strömstad on a Saturday afternoon where you feel like a pedestrian on a highway, it was nice to go to a quieter part of the archipelago. Lunch stop on nice Lindholmen with a swim in the sun was really nice. Continued downhill at a leisurely pace as I wanted to wrestle with Tjurepannan in the evening when the wind usually settles at 18-19.

The passage went well, but despite the easterly wind, you feel that things are happening in the water outside Tjurepannan, probably strong currents that gives strange waves. Then ended up on the island Käften where I will now try to catch up with the bad sleep of the last few days.


Today's song considering all the electronic crap "21st century digital boy" with Bad Religion


Day 1 / 30 May / Svinesund - Karlholmen


Distance 28,59km Tot 28,59

Lat 58°55.281' Long 11°08.885'

Wind NE 5-12 m/s

Felt sad to go to the start and leave the wife for such a long time so the gut feeling was like that on the way down, but we will hopefully see each other along the way. The son with girlfriend lined up as a driver.

Slightly late start in a messy strait where Norwegian motorboats came in a row and tore up waves at the launch, which was not entirely easy among the rocks. After taking me through a strait with properly flowing water and coming out into the Singlefjord that divides Sweden and Norway, a seal appeared next to the kayak almost immediately, and immediately the world felt a little happier. Nice kayaking in sunshine and heat, but as an east coast kayaker you are not used to the reflective-waves that is here but it will be more exciting and interesting like this. The kayak has probably never had so much load but still kept a decent 7.5-8.5 km/h in the beginning, then when I learned how it behaves with this heavy load it kept an impressive 10-10.5 km/h for a few hours in the tailwind without any direct pulse. That before the start I got the best blue ribbon gift you can get from your son & daughter made my day, that shirt should be worn often during the trip.

The fatigue after getting up at 03.00 hit so it was early evening.

Today's song title will be "Start me up" with the Stones